CUSTOM 1 Word Bracelet - Up to 3 Letters - Sea Glass & Sterling Silver - Choose Glass Color!

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Any word you want, up to 3 letters!

  1. Type your word in the custom word box, up to 3 letters.
  2. Select the color of sea glass you want.

The glass on the end will match the color of the links you choose!

The letters are always arranged in the same layout orientation shown in the photo.

Adjustable up to 8" with open link chain.

Genuine sea glass and sterling silver bracelet with hand stamped 3 letter word disc centerpiece, crafted by Outer Banks artist Joseph Franciosi Jr. of Flipside Jewelry. This is a light weight but durable bracelet with two mini size pieces of sea glass, one on either side of the sterling silver disc centerpiece. There is also a very tiny wire wrapped sea glass accent on the end of the bracelet which will match the color of the sea glass links you choose. The glass ranges from 3/8" to 3/4" high and or wide and is around 1/8" thick on average. The sterling silver center disc link measures 12.7MM round and the letters have a darker contrast than the silver. Every piece of sea glass used in each bracelet is unaltered from the condition in which it was found on the beach and is unique in color, shape and thickness so please expect some variation in these qualities.

Available sea glass color options are listed in the drop boxes.

See the "color chart" photo for examples of colors not shown in the product photos.

This item ships within 72 hours of placing your order!

Each bracelet comes packaged in a jewelry box and includes a glossy card describing Flipside Jewelry, what sea glass is, where it may have come from and how it is transformed by our oceans.

Jewelry Care - Store your jewelry in air tight baggies or containers made to prevent tarnish on jewelry. You can use standard sterling silver liquid jewelry cleaner or "dip" to clean your jewelry. I have used it with the sea glass and as long as you follow the instructions on the jar and rinse the jewelry well with a light rubbing while you rinse then there is no visual change in the glass. I use a brand called "Dazzle".


Polishing cloths will clean the silver well but tend to leave behind residue or grey tarnish on the glass itself. If this happens, windex is your friend. Spray the piece with windex, or a similar generic, and rub the glass gently. Then rinse well with tap water. Dawn dish liquid will also clean the glass and will not harm the silver.