Sea Glass for Sale

Buy genuine sea glass to use in your jewelry and art projects! These pieces of genuine sea glass are from my personal collection and are priced based on overall condition, color and size. I classify my sea glass into two main categories categories, Jewelry and Craft Grade.

  • Jewelry Grade A - Entire surface completely frosted. Rounded corners/edges. No blemishes.
  • Jewelry Grade B - Entire surface completely frosted. Few minor blemishes visible from one side only. Mostly rounded corners/edges.
    • Craft Grade A - Mostly frosted surfaces. Multiple minor blemishes. May have one cracked/unfinished edge.
    • Craft Grade B - Somewhat frosted surfaces. Several major blemishes. More than one racked/unfinished edge.
    SPECIALTY Pieces: Jewelry or Craft Grade bottle tops and bottoms, bottle stoppers, marbles, insulators and other sea glass with distinct features that make the glass stand out from other specimen or makes the glass identifiable.
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