About Us

Flipside Jewelry features hand-crafted jewelry using GENUINE sea glass collected on beaches throughout the world and enhanced with sterling silver or gold filled metals and findings. Our sea glass is natural, untreated and unaltered from its original discovered condition.

Each piece of sea glass is completely unique in shape and color and holds within its weathered appearance elements of beauty, history and mystery. What may have began as a beer bottle tossed into the ocean at a beach bonfire, a glass window from a house claimed by a hurricane, shards of glass from artifacts lost in shipwrecks or antique medicine bottles & glassware has been recycled by our Mother Ocean and returned to us via the shorelines and beaches of our world.

The exact age and origin of each piece of sea glass is most often difficult or impossible to determine, embedding within it a mysterious beauty unique to each specimen.

Our goal is to enhance the mysterious beauty of each individual piece of sea glass and further transform what was once trash or litter into wearable works of art that may live on for many more years to come!

Joe Franciosi Jr has been combing beaches collecting sea glass for 15 years along the shores of the Outer Banks, NC as well as trading with and purchasing sea glass from several collectors and enthusiasts.

His jewelry designs feature genuine sea glass from his personal collection wire wrapped in sterling silver or gold filled metals. His focus is on the individual and natural beauty of each piece of sea glass and this is reflected by the simplicity in his wire work.

He believes that the beauty of his jewelry already exists in each piece of glass used and that the metals are simply a means to help display this natural beauty in a wearable form.

Custom Work Available: If you have your own sea glass that you want made into jewelry we can help! Visit our Custom Jewelry page to send us a request.